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lv up all your pokemon to lv 15and up and have your first pokemon lv 20

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Q: How do you defeat gym leader Whitney on Pokemon?
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How do you get the watering can in Pokemon Crystal?

defeat Whitney the third gym leader

How do you defeat the gym leader?

I get the strongest Pokemon I can get without them disobeying me then I battle the gym leader. I usually focus one or two Pokemon that could defeat the gym leader alone and I train them until I think that they are good enough to defeat the gym leader.

What do you do when you defeated the seventh gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

You go on to defeat the eight gym leader.

How do you get sodowoodo to move in Pokemon Gold?

Defeat the Goldenrod GYM leader Whitney and then go to the little house next to the GYM and talk to the lady and she will give you a squirtle bottle and you use that on Sudowoodo

How do you unlock pokeathlon dome?

On Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold, you have to defeat the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, Whitney, and then she tells you that the construction for the Pokeathlon Dome is complete.

How do you access a Pokemon badge?

You have to defeat a gym leader

How do you defeat the second gym leader?

In which Pokemon game?

What gym leader teaches strength in Pokemon diamond?

a gym leader can't teach a Pokemon that move but you have to defeat the 6 gym leader in order to teach that move

What gym leader in johto has normal Pokemon?

Whitney at Goldenrod city.

How do you defeat gym leader Wallace in Pokemon ruby?

by fighting

What is there to do in viridian city in Pokemon SoulSilver?

defeat gym leader.

How do you defeat eighth gym leader Pokemon diamond?

The 8th Gym Leader has electric type pokemon. Your best bet to defeat him is Ground or Rock pokemon. Electric types are not effective against ground types.