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Any will work it just depends how strong it is. The stronger it is the more likely you will need an upgraded pokeball like the Ultra Ball.

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Q: Which ball captures skarmony on Pokemon ruby?
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How do you Catch Skarmony in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't unless you get the national pokedex and trade for one in sapphire or ruby.

How do you get a timer ball in Pokemon in Pokemon ruby you can go to diamond ans suckkk?

A timer ball in ruby? i thought that was only diamond and pearl!?

What is the master ball cheat for Pokemon ruby destiny life of guardians?

i know this the CODES ARE from Ruby u must go check pokemon ruby codes and master ball becoz the creater started creating with pokemon ruby game

Do you have to yous a master ball on Pokemon ruby?


Where to get light ball on Pokemon ruby?

you cant find it

Where to find a luxury ball in the abandoned ship in Pokemon ruby?

you can not :(

What is the code for Pokemon ruby 999 master ball?


Can you catch grodon with a master ball in ruby?

A master ball can catch any wild pokemon.

What code is there for Pokemon ruby 99 master ball cheat?


How do you copy a master ball in ruby Pokemon?

you cant its only for the PC

How do you get a cozy ball in Pokemon Ruby?

There isn't an item called a Cozy Ball in Pokemon Ruby. There is however a Poke Ball called the Luxury Ball. You can find a Luxury Ball in the Abandoned Ship. Luxury Ball is also a reward for winning the master rank contest in Lilycove City after first winning the Ribbon.

Latios in Pokemon ruby?

Use your grand master ball on dragon ball z woop woop