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you get it in team aqua/magma's hideout in lilycove

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Q: Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon Ruby?
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Do you have to yous a master ball on Pokemon ruby?


What is the master ball cheat for Pokemon ruby destiny life of guardians?

i know this the CODES ARE from Ruby u must go check pokemon ruby codes and master ball becoz the creater started creating with pokemon ruby game

Can you catch grodon with a master ball in ruby?

A master ball can catch any wild pokemon.

What is the code for Pokemon ruby 999 master ball?


What code is there for Pokemon ruby 99 master ball cheat?


How do you copy a master ball in ruby Pokemon?

you cant its only for the PC

What kind of contest do you need to win in to get a master ball in Pokemon ruby?

You can only get a master ball in the team magma base near lilycove city in ruby or emerald.

What is the cheat for lot of master balls cheats for Pokemon ruby vba?

well you can make a Pokemon hold a master ball and clone Pokemon

Latios in Pokemon ruby?

Use your grand master ball on dragon ball z woop woop

What kind of pokeball do you have to use to catch latios in Pokemon ruby?

I recommend the master ball

What code to get master ball unlimited in Pokemon ruby?

There is no code. this game doesnt have one

How do you get 99 master ball and 99 rare candies in Pokemon ruby?

trades, AR or hacking