Which Pokemon has the lowest base stat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, For Kanto, Dunno.
But, For All, Base HP Lowest Is Shedinja

But the lowest of all is sunkern.

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Q: Which Pokemon has the lowest base stat?
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Which Pokemon has the lowest Special stat in Pokemon Blue?

Magikarp has the lowest base special stat with it's sp. attack at 15 and sp. defense at 20.

What is the Pokemon in Soul Silver with the highest base evasion stat?

Evasion is not a base stat.

What is the Pokemon ever?

The best Pokemon ever is the Sinnoh Pokemon named Arceus, the alpha Pokemon. The base stat total of Arceus is 720 with each base stat's total at 120. This means the base stat total is 40 more than any other Pokemon ever invented.

Who has the highest defense stat in Pokemon?

Shuckle has the highest defense stat, with a base defense stat of 230.

How can you determine a PokΓ©mon's base stats?

You can use this formula(I think it works) Pokemon's base stat=[(max stat-108)/11]x5 mathfloor

Can some tell you what the weakest legendary is on Pokemon?

ShayminPhione is the weakest legendary Pokemon with a base stat of 480.

Who is the strongest pokemon starter of all?

mudkip is, swampert has a base stat of 535 (woooooooow!)

How much speed does Thundurus have in Pokemon white?

Thundurus has a 111 speed base stat.

When is it best to stat increasing items in Pokemon?

just before the elite four and use the base defense stat improvement as the elite four hit hard.

How much HP does the Pokemon Haxorus have?

It's base HP stat is 76, meaning that is can have a range between these numbers at these levels: Level 50: Minimum to Maximum: 136-183 Level 100: Minimum to Maximum: 262-356 The lowest number is if you have an IV of 0, with no EVs put into that stat, and the highest number is if you have a IV of 31, and put 252 EVs into that stat.

What is the strongest legendary in Pokemon White?

Zekrom is the strongest Pokemon you ca catch on Pokemon White. It is joined second strongest with Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina (both formes) and Reshiram with a base stat total of 680. The only Pokemon that is stronger is Arceus with a base stat total of 720.

How can you determine a PokΓ©mon's max stats?

You can use this(maybe) Pokemon's max stat=[(base stat/5)x11]+108 mathceiling Or if you're lazy see if its online