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Shuckle has the highest defense stat, with a base defense stat of 230.

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Q: Who has the highest defense stat in Pokemon?
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What is the weakest Pokemon in defense?

Happiny and Chansey have the lowest defense stat, with a base defense stat of 5.

What Pokemon has the best stats of all?

The Pokemon with the highest amount of base stats is Arceus with a total of 720 (with 120 base in each stat). If you wanted to know the highest base stat of all Pokemon for each stat then: Highest base HP-Blissey Highest base Attack-Deoxys (Attack Form) Highest base Defense-Shuckle Highest base Special Attack-Deoxys (Attack Form) Highest base Special Defense-Shuckle Highest base Speed-Deoxys (Speed Form)

What Pokemon with the best defence in Pokemon Emerald?

Regirock has the highest Defense stat in Pokemon Emerald. Skarmory and Aggron (aron or lairon evolved ) Rayquazza is also very good but has extremely low defense

What is spdef in Pokemon?

It's an abbreviation for Special Defense - a stat your Pokemon have.

What to do with Zinc at Pokemon sapphire?

Use it on a Pokemon it will raise that Pokemon's special defense stat.

What is the Pokemon in Soul Silver with the highest base evasion stat?

Evasion is not a base stat.

Which Pokemon has the highest Sp defense?

Shuckle and it also has the highest defense.

What is the highest attack stat Pokemon in ruby?

Deoxys in attack form has an attack stat that is second to none.

Which Pokemon Has Most Defence?

Currently, it's Shuckle, with a Defense stat of 230.

Which Pokemon has the lowest Special stat in Pokemon Blue?

Magikarp has the lowest base special stat with it's sp. attack at 15 and sp. defense at 20.

What Pokemon has the highest defense?

steelix has a amazing defense by 542

Which Pokemon has the highest defense stat?

highest defence? only, that's going to be steelix it's base defence stat is 200 that's going to be hard to take down with physical moves. I found another one that's even harder to take down it's shuckle the base stat for both special defence and defence is 230 can you believe that the highest it can go is 614.

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