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Shuckle has the highest defense stat, with a base defense stat of 230.

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Q: Who has the highest defense stat in Pokemon?
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What to do with Zinc at Pokemon sapphire?

Use it on a Pokemon it will raise that Pokemon's special defense stat.

What is the Pokemon in Soul Silver with the highest base evasion stat?

Evasion is not a base stat.

Which Pokemon has the highest Sp defense?

Shuckle and it also has the highest defense.

What is the highest attack stat Pokemon in ruby?

Deoxys in attack form has an attack stat that is second to none.

Which Pokemon has the lowest Special stat in Pokemon Blue?

Magikarp has the lowest base special stat with it's sp. attack at 15 and sp. defense at 20.

What does SPD mean in Pokemon X and y?

SpD is the abbreviation of the Special Defense stat.

What is a good defensive wall Pokemon?

As of Pokemon Black 2, White 2Fire:Highes Defense Base Stat - Torkoal (140)Highest Special Defense Base Stat - Ho-oh (154)most balanced - Reshiram (100, Def/120, Sp. D), Rotom Heat Form (107 Def/107 Sp. D)Grass:Highest Defense - Ferrothorn (131)Highest Special Defense - Virizion (129)Most Balanced - Ferrothorn (131, 116)

When is it best to stat increasing items in Pokemon?

just before the elite four and use the base defense stat improvement as the elite four hit hard.

When does tyrogue evolve?

A Tyrogue will evolve at Level 20. If its Attack stat is stronger than its Defense stat, it will evolve into a Hitmonlee. If its Attack stat is weaker than its Defense stat, it will evolve into a Hitmonchan. If its Attack stat equals its Defense stat, it will evolve into a Hitmontop.

Which is the Pokemon with the highest stats?

blissey with the highest hp, shuckle with the highest defense and deoxys defense form, and rampardos and deoxys attack form!hope this helped:)

What Does 'capable Of Taking Hits' Mean in Pokemon black and white?

It means its strongest or fastest growing stat is its Defense.

What is sp defense on Pokemon?

It is your Pokémon's special defense, which affects how much special attack damage it can handle. The higher special defense is the less damage it takes from non-contact moves such as Psychic or Surf.