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Once you have all 8 badges, go to the kinoma girls studio. Beat them all, then you will get an item and go get Ho Oh.

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Q: Where to you battle the kimono girl and gives you the clear bell in heart gold?
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How do you get the clear bell in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You need to battle with the Kimono's girls at Ecruetak CityAfter the 8th gym, go to Ecruteak and battle the Kimono girls in the dance studio. After you win, they'll meet you at the top of the bell tower with the clear bell.

How do you get surf in heart gold?

Somwhere in Ecruteak where the kimono girl is getting yelled you battle when you win someone comes and gives you surf;)

Where do you get the clear bell in Pokemon SoulSilver?

After you get the Master Ball, go to the Dance Theater. You will find all five Kimono Girls waiting for you. They will challenge you to a battle against them. Win and you receive the Clear Bell or Tidal Bell.when you get to pewter city in kanto there will be a old man on a little hill faceing noth, talk to him and on soul silver hi gives you the clear-ball, on heart gold hi gives you the tidle-bell

How do you get a clear bell in heart gold?

from the kimono girls i think after... you beat the last gym leader

What is the bell that you get from the kimono girls for in soul silver?

It is called the Tidal Bell. In my version, Pokémon Heart Gold, you receive the Clear Bell.

Where do you find the kimono girl in heart gold to get the clear bell?

In Pokémon HeartGold, you have to beat Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader and then head back to New Bark Town to talk to Professor Elm in his lab and then you can head back to the Dance Theater in Ecruteak City and you'll battle all of the Kimono Girls 1 after the other with no breaks in between. Once you beat all 5 of them, they'll give you the Clear Bell item.

How do you get the clear bell in heart gold?

u must go to lake of rage and then capture red gyarados and then talk to Lance.u go to Mahogany gym.near the qym there's a market.u will found Lance there.u beat the team rocket and go to Goldenrod city.enter the radio station and beat the team rockets.after beating the FALSE DIRECTER,u will get a basement card.go to the is found in Goldenrod,u must reached the door in the basement and pass through the walls. u will meet the REAL DIRECTER and he will give u a card.go again in the radio station and beat the rockets.the REAL DIRECTER will give u the clear bell...i dont no what the clear bell does. Yashley Rungee ,Mauritius 4249068 I know what it dose with it u can get suecune if u dont have it a man will be blocking the road 2 suecune the clear bell lets you get into the tin tower in euroteak city. there you will find suicine

Where to get a clear bell?

In Pokemon Heart gold/Silver you get the clear bell after defeating the kimono girls you fight them after you complete the blackthorn city gym and get the master ball. They are very hard so your Pokemon should be above level 40.

Where do you get the clear bell in Pokemon Heart Gold?

defeat all 8 gym leaders in jonto and profesor elm will give the master ball. go to euretek and fight the kimono girls. they wil give you the clear bell. go to the bell tower and get to the top. ho oh will come and you use the master ball that professor elm gave to you. you will have ho oh to use and battle

How do you fight kimono girls on HeartGold?

after you get the silver wing go to the house you got the TM surf from and each one will battle youon soul silver i have absoulutely no idea on heart gold

Where are the kimono girls in ecruteak in Pokemon heart gold?

the kimono girls are located in ecruteak in the dance studioYou can find them all over Johto!

Where are the kimono girls in Pokemon Heart Gold?

in ecruteak they are in the dance theater.