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go to the battle tower. Across The Sea To The "Great Marsh".

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Q: What do you do after your rival gives back the stolen Pokemon Heart Gold?
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When does your rival give back the stolen Pokemon?

sad to say it but no

Where is the item finder in Pokemon Sapphire?

your rival gives it to you

What happens when you beat your rival Pokemon diamond?

he gives you $6400!

Pokemon pearl how to get destiny bond?

Get you Pokemon to go and crap on your rival then he gives it to u

Can your rival be a girl in Pokemon Platinum?

No it can not. I have tried this numerous times and nothing. It gives you no option for your rival to be female thus you can not get a female as a rival.

Where do you find a trainer with a chikorita in Pokemon soul silver?

your rival Heart if you picked a totodile your rival has a chikorita

Where do you get the itemfinder on Pokemon diamond?

you talk 2 your rival and she/he gives you one

What Pokemon does Gary use in heart gold?

Gary isn't in heart gold and your rival chooses whatever Pokemon is opposite to yours.

Where do you find the stolen Pokemon in soul silver?

the only stolen pokemon is taken by your rival you cannot retreive it later on in the game he tries to give it back but prof. elm is like no its dirty..... lol

Who gives you the HM02 in Pokemon emerald?

On route 119, your rival will give it to you after you beat them in a battle.

Where do you get fly in Pokemon sapphire version gba?

Your rival gives it to you after you battle him/her near the weather institute.

Where can I Get Item Finder in Pokemon Ruby?

on route 110 on the low road after you fight your rival he/she gives it to you