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the kimono girls are located in ecruteak in the dance studio
You can find them all over Johto!

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Q: Where are the kimono girls in ecruteak in Pokemon heart gold?
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Where are the kimono girls in Pokemon Heart Gold?

in ecruteak they are in the dance theater.

Where are all the kimono girls in heart gold?

Ecruteak City at the dance floor.

Where is ecruteak dance theater in Pokemon heart gold?

One of the bigger buidings with a kimono girl inside in Ecruteak city.

How do you get the clear bell in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You need to battle with the Kimono's girls at Ecruetak CityAfter the 8th gym, go to Ecruteak and battle the Kimono girls in the dance studio. After you win, they'll meet you at the top of the bell tower with the clear bell.

How do you challenge kimono girl in ecruteak city on Pokemon heart gold?

You have to beat all 8 gym leaders

How do you get past the monk in bell tower?

It depends on your game....if you have Soul Silver you get a rambow wing from the guy standing on the hill in Pewter City, if you have Heart Gold you get it from the Kimono girls in Ecruteak City.

If you lose against the kimono girls in Pokemon heart gold do you face the one you left off at?

No, you have to start over.

What is the second thing you get to to get HOHO in Pokemon heart gold?

I'm not sure i understand the question Beat all 8 gyms and pick up the Master Ball from Elm. Someone will tell you to go battle the Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City. Beat them, and climb the tower.

Where are kimono girls in Pokemon heart gold game?

Cant remember but the last one is in Ice cave and another is in ilex

How do you beat the 5 kimono girls in Heart Gold?

Have Pokemon over lvl 37 and just have a good strategy to beet them

How do you get surf in heart gold?

Somwhere in Ecruteak where the kimono girl is getting yelled you battle when you win someone comes and gives you surf;)

After you defeat the kimono girls where do they go?

they go deep into the whirl caverns where they do a dance and lugia appears and then you battle him but in heart gold i have no clue in heartgold they go to the bell tower where you get ho-oh the bell tower is in ecruteak city.