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Have Pokemon over lvl 37 and just have a good strategy to beet them

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Q: How do you beat the 5 kimono girls in Heart Gold?
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How do you get a clear bell in heart gold?

from the kimono girls i think after... you beat the last gym leader

Where can you find a master ball in heart gold?

After you beat the kimono girls then go talk to prof. Elm

How do you get surf in Pokemon Gold gba?

beat the kimono girls in ekruteak city

How do you obtain Surf in Pokemon Gold?

You have to go to the Kimono Girls house after you beat chuck and give Ampharos the medicine.

How do you challenge kimono girl in ecruteak city on Pokemon heart gold?

You have to beat all 8 gym leaders

Where to you battle the kimono girl and gives you the clear bell in heart gold?

Once you have all 8 badges, go to the kinoma girls studio. Beat them all, then you will get an item and go get Ho Oh.

What do you do after you beat the kimono girls in soul silver?

you need to go to whirl islands on the far upper right go in ''h'' ladder and get lugia. if you are playing heart gold you then need to go in the bell tower the guy will let you through and then go to the other tower. I'm not sure for heart gold

What is the second thing you get to to get HOHO in Pokemon heart gold?

I'm not sure i understand the question Beat all 8 gyms and pick up the Master Ball from Elm. Someone will tell you to go battle the Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City. Beat them, and climb the tower.

Where do you fight the Kimono girls?

in Pokemon HEARTGOLD and SOULSILVER you don't fight the Kimono girls. ONLY in silver and gold version. RE. you do because i had a flippin hard time trying to beat umbreon,espeon,jolteon,flarieon,vapoureon all at lv 38 with a lv 34 u fght them when you beat the last gym leader

How do you fight the kimono girls?

you have to beat all 8 gyms first, then go see professor elm. Once you do that then go to the dance studio to battle the kimono girls.

How do you learn surf in the Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to beat the fourth gym, Go to the Kimono Girls Dancing Studio and fight the rocket grunt who is bothering one of the Kimono Girls

How do you get the tidal bell in heart gold?

beat the kimino girls and go to the whirl islands