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go to goldenrod city radio tower and batle team roket after you will get the renbow fether.Then go to ecruteak dance theater and beat the 8 kimono girls ( ich have evoles of eevee) then thell give you a bell . go to the bell tower and find ho-oh

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Q: What do you do after getting the mineral badge in Pokemon heart gold?
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Where do you go after the third badge in Pokemon heart gold?

you go to ecruteak city

Where to get the last gym badge in Pokemon Heart Gold?

The last gym badge is in viridian city for Kanto. For Johto it is in Blackthorn city.

How do you see Kyogre on soul silver?

you have to trade from heart gold you can only get groudon and rayqauza from T.P.M you can also trade from Pokemon ruby and Pokemon emearld after getting all 16 gym badge the latiasfan12345 both of us

What is the cheat code for fly anywhere in Pokemon heart gold?

There ISNT, idiot. its a gym badge.

What is the name of the two things you need to get hooh in Pokemon heart gold?

the fog badge and the rainbow wing

What gym badge do you need to use water fall in pokemon heart gold?

You need the Dragon Badge, which is the very last badge (8th). After you obtain it, you may use Waterfall outside of battle whenever you like. :)

How do you get a rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

Heart Gold After getting the 8th badge go to Ecrutek City and fight the kimono girls in the dance studio. Once you beat them they will give you the rainbow badge. Soul Silver When in Kanto, go to Pewter City. The man standing on the raised surface will give you the rainbow wing.

How do you get the cinnabar island badge on Pokemon Heart Gold version?

You have to use surf off the right side of the island to get to the seafoam islands

Why won the the 8 gym leader give you a badge on Pokemon heart gold?

You have to go behind her gym and surf to a cave called the dragon den. Inside surf to a house and she is there. you have to answer some questions to get the badge.

Pokemon Heart Gold wheir is the dragon den?

Blackthorn City,right behind the city can get a dratini there,and you have to go there to get the rising badge...

What do i do after i have every gym badge on Pokemon heart gold?

go to proffeser oak get hm rock climb then go to mt.silver to beat red

What do you go after obtaining the 7th gym badge in Pokemon heart gold?

You go to one of the houses in Mahogany Town and then you will find stairs and team rocket.