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after you get the silver wing go to the house you got the TM surf from and each one will battle youon soul silver i have absoulutely no idea on heart gold

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Q: How do you fight kimono girls on HeartGold?
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Where are the kimono girls in Pokemon HeartGold?

the kimono girls are in ecruteak city in the dance theater

How do you get a clear bell in HeartGold?

Defeat the kimono girls

Where are the kimono girls in heartgold?

They are in Ecruteak City in the Dance Theatre

How do you enter a dance competition in HeartGold?

you cant but you can battle the kimono girls.

When do you meet the kimono girls in HeartGold?

You face them after you beat the eight gym leader

How do you sommon Ho-oh in Pokemon heartgold?

In heartgold you need to have all 8 badges and have defeated all 5 of the kimono girls and then go up the tower. At the top will be the kimono girls and they will do a dance that summons ho-oh.

Pokemon HeartGold where is the team rocket grunt and kimono girl?

Back where the kimono girls were first in there dancing place in erecutek city

How do you you the rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

You first have to beat team rocket, then the Kimono girls

Where do you fight the Kimono girls?

in Pokemon HEARTGOLD and SOULSILVER you don't fight the Kimono girls. ONLY in silver and gold version. RE. you do because i had a flippin hard time trying to beat umbreon,espeon,jolteon,flarieon,vapoureon all at lv 38 with a lv 34 u fght them when you beat the last gym leader

Where are kimono girls in Pokemon HeartGold?

after beating then 8th gym go to Ecruteak go to the dance place and there will be 5 girls those are them(I beat them with a level 88 magicarp) XDThey are five mysterious girls that you fight throughout the game.

Where is silver wing in HeartGold?

It's in Pewter City after you beat the Elite four and the Kimono Girls.

Where do you get the clear bell on pokemon heartgold?

1. Get the Master Ball from Professor Elm 2. Fly to Ecruteak City 3. Go to the theater and fight the Kimono Girls 4. After you beat them, you will get the bell.