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Dawn's little sister can be found in Sandgem town. There will be a very big house in Sandgem if you go there inside will be Dawn's sister.

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Q: Where to see dawns little sister in Pokemon diamond?
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What Pokemon can you find using the pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon that dawns little sister tells you

Where is dawns little sister in Pokemon diamond?

Dawns little sister is in Sandgem Town. Dawns house is just below the Pokemon center and the lab. (It's the biggest house there) She'll be inside neer Dawns Grandfather.Dawn's kid sister is in Dawn's house in sandgem city ( the biggest house there).

Where do you find dawns little sister in Pokemon fire red?

in dawns house

How do you get a lickytung on Pokemon?

you get likitung on Pokemon diamond and pearl by speaking to dawns little sister in sandgem town everyday until she gives you the location of likitung.

How do you get a ralts on Pokemon Diamond?

wait for dawns sister to say where it is after you beat the game

Can you get all 386 Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

yes but you need to migrate as well as talk to dawns little sister every day so you probably need all the Pokemon versions

Why are corsala so hard to catch in Pokemon diamond?

you can only get corsola with the swarm. to know what and where the swarm is ask dawns little sister in sandgem town.

How do you catch spoink in Pokemon diamond?

dawns sister will tell you after nationall pokedex on a ceirten day

Where can you find madnemite on Pokemon diamond?

talk to dawns sister everyday until she say where magnemite is

What is the next swarm of Pokemon dawns little sister tell you about after beldum?


How do you get a magmite Pokemon Diamond?

It is a swarm Pokemon and you need the national dex.Talk to lucas' or dawns sister and she will tell you where to find a certain swarming Pokemon

Where do you see phanphey on Pokemon Diamond?

Go to sangem town and go to Dawns house. Talk to her little sister. Every day she will tell you a random Pokemon and where it is. Phanphy will be one of them (and it's one Pokemon per day).