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they are near the survival area and resortarea and talk to dawns little sister for areas where there are swarms of Pokemon from the national pokedex

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Q: Where are the Pokemon for the national dex?
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What is the last Pokemon on the national dex?

The last Pokemon on the national dex is Arceus.

How many Pokemon are there in the national Dex?

There are 210 in the Sinnoh Dex, 493 in the National Dex {including EVENT Pokemon}

Help on the national dex in Pokemon pearl?

Capture all the Pokemon On the National Dex.

Pokemon platiun what is Pokemon 151?

In Pokemon Platinum Version, there are two Pokedex'es, the Sinnoh Dex, and the National Dex. In the Sinnoh Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Manaphy. In the National Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Mew.

Can you get a national Dex in Pokemon SoulSilver by sending a Pokemon from the national Dex from a different game?

no. i tried

Is there a national dex on emerald?

there is no national dex in Pokemon emerald. but, you can trade it from Pokemon leafgreen, and firered.

Is there a Dex after the national Dex in Pokemon Diamond?

No, there is not a Pokedex after the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond Version.

What is National Dex Pokemon?

national dex Pokemon are Pokemon from other regions. since most of the Pokemon you see in the game are from other regions i think like 1/2 of your national dex is complete when you get it.

What is national dex number 124 in Pokemon pearl?

the Pokemon for national dex number 124 is jynx and for sinnoh dex number 124 the Pokemon is azurill.

How many Pokemon are in the platinum pokedex?

The sinnoh dex has 210 pokemon, and the national dex has 493 pokemon. It has an entire 664 pokemon (I think)

In Pokemon diamond be4 you get the national dex where is the location of every Pokemon?

you cant get every Pokemon be4 you get the national dex

How do you get the national dex in Pokemon platimun?

You have to have seen every Pokemon in the regular dex.