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In Pokemon Platinum to get the National Dex you will need to have seen all 210 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex then talk to Professor Rowan and then after a while Professor Oak will give you the National Dex!

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Q: How do you get national dex on platinum?
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What Pokemon is number 191-Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum dex' its Dusknoir in National dex' its Sunkern.

Where do you get the National Dex on Pokemon Platinum?

You complete the shinho dex first and then you get the national pokedex

What comes after weavile on the national dex on platinum?

The next Pokemon after weavile is magnezone in the national dex

How do you get to the resort area platinum?

you have to get the national dex.

What is Pokemon 174 on platinum?

in sinnoh dex it is togetic but in national dex it is igglybuff

What is Pokemon number 64 at on platinum?

In the Sinnoh dex: Ambipom. In the national dex: Kadabra

How many Pokemon are der in platinum?

There are 210 in the sinnoh dex and 490 in the national dex

How do you get your national dex on Pokemon platinum?

go and see all the Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

What is the Pokemon number 192 in platinum?

In the sinnoh dex: porygon In the national dex: sunflora

What is the best code for platinum?

one of them is to have the national dex.

How do you complete the National Dex in Platinum?

You get a life lol

What number is Pichu on the national dex for platinum?