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well after you go through the encounter in mossdeep he is still in mossdeep in a house to the north western part of mossdeep

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Q: Where to find steven at rustboro city after in mossdeep?
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Where do you find dive in sapphire?

in mossdeep city steven gives it to you

What happens after you beat steven in meteor falls?


How do you find dive in Pokemon sapphire?

The HM Dive is given by steven at his house in mossdeep city.

Where to find dive in emerald?

In Mossdeep City, Steven will give it to you.

Where do you find dive in pokemon sapphire?

Steven gives it to you in mossdeep city. You have to beat the mossdeep gym before you can use it. They are Psychic types so be careful.

Where do you get dive in sapphire?

In mossdeep city you have to go two houses at the left of the gym and you,ll find dive by steven.

Where do you find the HM Dive in Omega Ruby?

You obtain HM Dive in Mossdeep City from Steven after getting the Mind Badge.

How do you get HM dive in Pokemon in Game Boy Advance?

Steven gives it to you at his house in mossdeep city you can find it near the gym.

Where do you find EXP Share in Pokemon ruby?

You talk to Mr. Stone in Rustboro City after delivering the letters to Champion Steven and Captain Stern.

Where do you find the HM dive for Pokemon diamond?

In Rustboro City. There is a house called cutters house. Walk in and talk to the guy. He will give you HM01 cut. !!!!ENJOY!!!! Answered by pokemanMatty.J

Is there a wild metang in Pokemon Sapphire?

You cannot find a wild Metang, you can only evolve it from a Beldum, which you can obtain from Steven's house in Mossdeep City.

How 2 go 2 island in Pokemon ruby?

It depends on what Island you are going to visit.The following islands are:Dewford town: After helping the Devon corp in Rustboro city you head down and into the sailor house. Then you speak to the sailor and he will take you to Dewford.Mossdeep city: After you you have watched team magma leave in the submarine you head out of their hideout and surf east until you find Mossdeep city.Sootopolis city: After you have visited Mossdeep city and learned dive from Steven you can head over to the water around Sootopolis and dive. Then you look for a cave entrance and enter. Go up to the surface and you will fin yourself in Sootopolis city.Evergrand city: After beating the gym on Sootopolis you can head east and find the path. when you get to the waterfall simply use waterfall to reach Evergrand city.Pacifidlog town: Pacifidlog town is unlocked at the same time as Mossdeep city. You simply head south from Mossdeep and then west for Pacifidlog town.