Where do you get dive in sapphire?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In mossdeep city you have to go two houses at the left of the gym and you,ll find dive by steven.

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Q: Where do you get dive in sapphire?
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Who gives you dive on sapphire?


Where do you find the submarine in sapphire?

you first go to steven to get dive and dive dvie

Where to get the hm dive in sapphire?

Moosdeep City.

How do you find dive in Pokemon sapphire?

The HM Dive is given by steven at his house in mossdeep city.

How do you get all Regi on sapphire?

You need to dive somewhere then in dive in a different location hope this helps

What does the dot inscription say in Pokemon sapphire after you use dive on route 135?

It said that you will dive....

Can you fish for relicanth on Pokemon Sapphire?

sorry NO. but you have to dive

Where are the dive spots on sapphire?

on the route under mosdeep

How do you uses dive to come out of the water in pokemon sapphire?

simply press 'B' or go to pokémon list > *pokemon with 'dive' > DIVE

Where do you find dive in sapphire?

in mossdeep city steven gives it to you

Where can you get a lot of heart scales in sapphire?

Underwater by using dive

Pokemon sapphire how to get dive?

You can't unless you trade a Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald and get a Pokemon that knows Dive. The HM Dive is not necessary in Pokemon Firered and is thus not avaliable. However, a Pokemon that knows Dive can be traded from Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald version to Firered.can notI can't remember much, but I think you have to get it from Wallace or Juan.