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You obtain HM Dive in Mossdeep City from Steven after getting the Mind Badge.

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Q: Where do you find the HM Dive in Omega Ruby?
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Where do you get the HM dive in Pokemon FireRed?

there's no hm dive in that means you can't find it.but you can find it in Pokemon ruby,sapphire,emerald and more.

Where do you find the red shard in ruby?

You find them under the sea after obtaining the hm dive

Where can you find the HM dive?

This HM is exclusive to ruby, sapphire and emerald versions. You receive it from steven after getting the 7th badge.

Where do you get the HM dive on ruby version?

Steven will give it to you

Were do you find the HM dive in Pokemon ruby?

Im Mosdeep City, visit Stevens house. It is the Northernmost house of the left, NW of the PokeCenter. In there you will talk to steven, and he will loan you HM 08 Dive.

Where is hm dive on Pokemon ruby?

After beating tate and liza head to steven's house in mossdeep city he will give you the HM Dive.

In ruby version of Pokemon where can you find the Hm dive?

go to mossdeep city. Go to the house behind the house that's to the left of the Pokemon center. this is steven's house. talk to him, and he will give you HM Dive.

Where is dive in pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get HM Dive in Pokémon LeafGreen.Since Dive is not an HM in leafgreen the only way to get one of your Pokemon to learn Dive is to trade it to ruby, sapphire or emerald then teach it Dive using the HM then trade it back to leafgreen.

Pokemon leaf green where to find the hm dive?

Dive is not an HM available in Leafgreen. If you want to teach a pokemon Dive trade it to any of the Hoenn Region pokemon games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) and use the HM Dive to teach the move and then you can trade it back. NOTE you cannot use Dive outside of battle just like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald since it's not an HM instead it's a regular move that can be removed either by the Move Deleter or by teaching a different move.

How do you get dive hm on ruby version Pokemon?

talk with steven in the MOSSDEEP

Where are the shard stones in Pokemon Ruby?

There around the hunters house west from mossdeep city. You need the HM dive to find them.

How do you catch dive from FireRed?

You can't get dive in fire red, however it is HM 8 in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.