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It at the cutters house in Rustboro city(you have to defeat the gym leader Roxanne in Rustboro city to be able to use it).

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Q: Where can you find hm01 in emerald version?
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Where can you find hm01 in Pokemon ruby version?

You can get hm01 at Rustborod city left hand coner next to the pockemon centre

How do you find cut in Pokemon Emerald?

If you mean HM01 Cut, you can get it from Cutter Man in Rustboro City. His house is beside the Pokemon Center.

Where can you find emerald version?

You can still find brand new versions of Emerald version on, and used ones could be found at

Where to get volbeat in emerald?

You can find Volbeat on Route 117 in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Where do you find a wild riolu in emerald?

sorry, you can't get riolu in Pokemon emerald version.

What cave can you can you find hitmonchan in emerald version?

in the suber

Where is hm01 on Pokemon emerald?

At the cutters house in rustburo city next to the Pokemon center HOPE IT HELPED!!!

How do you find Mew in Emerald Version?

you need action replay

Where to find friendly berry in emerald version?

there is no friendly berry

Where to get cut emerald?

You get HM01 (cut) in Rustboro City. There'll be a man and a girl in the house the man gives you cut.

How do you get Pokemon Vullpix?

in which version ? In emerald you can find it easily at Mt Pyre

Where do you find the fossils in emerald version?

mirage tower or desert underpass