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just search for it ............

or just go up until you found a table with the floor not broken and you will see a pokeball just get it that's the secret key!

hope that help.
The Secret Key is in the Pokemon Mansion on the Northwest end of Cinnabar Island.

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Q: Where is the secret key in the Pokemon mansion in firered?
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Where is the secret key in firered?

the secret key is in the Pokemon mansion - Celadon city basement

Is there a key in Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes. The Secret Key is needed to open the Cinnabar Island Gym. The Secret Key can be found on a table in the northwestern room of the basement.

Where is the secret key in cinnabar mansion?

The secret key is in the Pokemon mansion (Cinnabar Island) in the basement.

Where do you find the key in Pokemon FireRed in the Pokemon mansion?

In the house you jerk!

How do you get the key for the 7th gym in Pokemon firered?

its inside the mansion

What city is th 7th gym in FireRed?

I believe it is on Cinnabar Island. To enter the gym, you have to get through the Pokemon Mansion and find the secret key.

How do you open the 7 gym on Pokemon FireRed?

go to cinnabar island then go into Pokemon mansion go through here to get the secret key which opens the 7th gym.

How do you catch the 7th gym opean on firered?

You need to go to the Pokemon mansion in Cinnabar Island. Go to the basement and obtain the Secret Key. Then go to the Pokemon Gym and it will be unlocked!

How do you get to the 7th gym Pokemon FireRed?

you go in the Pokemon mansion and the gyms key is some ware in there.

What do you do with the secret key in leafgreen?

The Secret Key that you get in the Pokemon Mansion is used to enter the Cinnabar Gym.

What floor is the key to unlock seventh gym on in the mansion on Pokemon firered?

The basement.

What do you get in the mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

You get the card key which lets you open the gym which is locked.