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The Secret Key that you get in the Pokemon Mansion is used to enter the Cinnabar Gym.

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Q: What do you do with the secret key in leafgreen?
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How do you find the secret key in LeafGreen?

The secret key is hidden in the basement of Pokemon Mansion which is located on Cinnibar Island.

What is the secret key in LeafGreen?

It unlock the door to the gym in Viridian City. .

What is the secret key needed for in Pokemon LeafGreen?

to open the door of the 7th gym!

Were to get the seven bage in Pokemon LeafGreen?

On cinnabar island but you need to get the secret key in Pokemon mansion first.

How do you open the 7 gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need the secret key which is found in Pokemon mansion which is also on cinnibar island.

How do you unlock the seventh gym in LeafGreen?

You will need to use the Secret Key which is hidden in the basement of Pokemon Mansion which is located on Cinnibar Island.

Are there any secret places in pokemon leafgreen?


How do you get into the sixth gym on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to go through the Pokemon mansion and beat all the trainers. At the last one you get the "secret key" to Blaine's gym.

LeafGreen seven islands?

The seven islands are part of sevii island that have the trainer tower and tanoby ruins ,tanoby key and there is the secret room and you can catch unown there

What is the hidden secret in ruin at 7 island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After solving the puzzle in tanoby key you can go inside the tanoby chambers and capture the Pokemon Unown.

Where is the key in the big mansion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the key is in the basement

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get to the 7 gym?

First surf down from pallet town then go into Pokemon mansion and get the secret key then go into the 7th gym and beat blaine.