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The secret key is in the Pokemon mansion (Cinnabar Island) in the basement.

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Q: Where is the secret key in cinnabar mansion?
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What do you do with the secret key in leafgreen?

The Secret Key that you get in the Pokemon Mansion is used to enter the Cinnabar Gym.

How do you find secret key on cinnabar island red version?

its in the mewtwo mansion in the basement

How do you unlock the cinnabar island gym Pokemon Blue?

With the secret key which is found in the Pokemon mansion.

Were to get the seven bage in Pokemon LeafGreen?

On cinnabar island but you need to get the secret key in Pokemon mansion first.

Is there a key in Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes. The Secret Key is needed to open the Cinnabar Island Gym. The Secret Key can be found on a table in the northwestern room of the basement.

How do you get through cinnabar mansion?

get the key

How do you unlock the gym in cinnabar island in Pokemon red?

Find the secret key in the Pokemon Mansion,( Next to the gym)

Where is the secret key in the Pokemon mansion in firered?

just search for it ............or just go up until you found a table with the floor not broken and you will see a pokeball just get it that's the secret key!hope that help.The Secret Key is in the Pokemon Mansion on the Northwest end of Cinnabar Island.

How do you get key for gym at cinnabar island?

You will find it in the Pokemon mansion on cinnabar island.

Where is the cinnabar secret key?

you have to work your way through the Pokemon mansion and go out the right door while using the correct switches its and the very end of the Pokemon mansion

How do you get to cinnabar islands gym?

you have to get a key in the Pokemon mansion

Where is the key to the 7th gym?

Inside the Pokémon Mansion, the big building to the left of the Gym you want to enter. You have to press buttons on the statues to open and close the doors inside that mansion and reach the key.