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of course

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Q: Are there any secret bases in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Are there any secret places in pokemon leafgreen?


Is there any hiding places in Pokemon?

There are secret bases in Pokémon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald. In Diamond Pearl and Platinum, you have underground bases.

What Pokémon can you get in pal park with Pokémon LeafGreen?

You have to migrate the pokemon so any pokemon you have in your leafgreen can be in pal park but it disappears from your leafgreen

Can you catch any Pokemon from ruby or sapphire in Pokemon firered or leafgreen?

Not any hoenn Pokemon but firered and leafgreen can catch alot of kanto and johto Pokemon ruby and sapphire can and can't.

Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon with mean look?

Any ghost type Pokemon can learn it.

What are the cheats for pokemon LeafGreen?

There are no cheats for ANY Pokemon games unless you have a gameshark

Is Pokemon LeafGreen Fun?

Any Pokemon game is fun and worth getting.

What POKEMON can you trade from people in FireRed?

Any pokemon from Sapphire, Ruby, and LeafGreen

What do you do with the unknowns in Pokemon LeafGreen?

nothing use it as a Pokemon nothing to do with any events

How do you get secret bases on pokemon emerald?

Traveling north on route 111 (north of the desert), you should see a boy (man?) looking at a tree. He will give you the TM for Secret Power. Give secert power to a pokemon and now you should be able to make secret bases! Now simply look at any large tree, bush, or cracked wall and use secret power! And there you have it. Your own secret base.

Pokemon LeafGreen questions?

Well what is your question

How do you catch ludvis in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't catch any hoenn Pokemon in firered or leafgreen you must trade hoenn Pokemon from ruby or sapphire or emerald to leafgreen or firered.