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if you got it from the Pokemon mansion it opens the cinabar Pokemon gym

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Q: What is the secret key for in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where is the secret key to Blaine's gym on yellow version?

It is in the Pokemon House (in the basement), left of Cinnabar Island.

Is there a cheat on the UK Pokemon diamond for getting the Secret Key?

You can only get the secret key in Pokemon Platinum

Were is volcano badge in Pokemon Yellow?

In the game Pokemon Yellow you have to beat the leader of gym seven in order to win the Volcano Badge. The leader of this gym is named Blaine and he specializes in fire type Pokemon. To enter this gym you first have to get the secret key. This key is located in the building across from the lab.

Where is the secret key in firered?

the secret key is in the Pokemon mansion - Celadon city basement

Where is the secret key in cinnabar mansion?

The secret key is in the Pokemon mansion (Cinnabar Island) in the basement.

What do you do with the secret key in leafgreen?

The Secret Key that you get in the Pokemon Mansion is used to enter the Cinnabar Gym.

What is the secret of the Pokemon tower Pokemon Yellow?

There are giant penises at the top.

Is the secret key obtainable in Pokemon diamond?

No it is not

Is there a key in Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes. The Secret Key is needed to open the Cinnabar Island Gym. The Secret Key can be found on a table in the northwestern room of the basement.

What do you use the secret key for in Pokemon platinum?

well you need the secret key for team galactics HQ

Where is the secret house on Pokemon Yellow?

somewher in ther

How do you find the secret key in LeafGreen?

The secret key is hidden in the basement of Pokemon Mansion which is located on Cinnibar Island.