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give him a secret key the different secret key the different rotom

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Q: How can you get Rotom to change forms in Pokemon Platinum Version?
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Where does rotom turn into a mower in Pokemon diamond?

Rotom doesn't change form in dimond version. It only changes in Pokemon platinum.

Is the Rotom key event for all three of the Pokemon games for the DS or just platinum?

It's exclusive to Pokemon platinum version.

How do you get a Rotom in Pokemon hg?

You can't the only way you can is trade it on a previous version of Pokemon (example: Platinum , diamond etc) Then when you have rotom you can go in the lift in silph co in saftron city and change its forms :D

In Pokemon platinum what does the secret key do?

You unlock a place where Rotom can change its forms.

What Pokemon do you find in the Old Chateu house in pearl?

Rotom!!! (At Night In The Old TV) In Pokemon Platinum Version You Can Download The Secret Key At Your Closest Toys R Us Bring Your Ds! For More Details Visit WWW.PokemonPlatinum.Com Or WWW.Pokemon.Com What Form Will You Turn Your Rotom Into? Mow Rotom Wash Rotom Heat Rotom Fan Rotom Freeze Rotom Buy Pokemon Platinum Version Today! Learn More At WWW.PokemonPlatinum.Com

Where can I get the Super Key to change Rotom's form?

you can only get it in pokemon platinum...

How do you make Rotom change forms on Pokemon platinum?

you cant now...

How do you get a shiny Rotom in Pokemon platinum version?

First you need to catch a shiny scrotum then level it up to level 50 and it evolves into a shiny rotom.

Can Rotom change forms?

Rotom can change forms in platinum

Where you see152 in the Pokemon platinum version?

go to the tv in the old chateu at night ant you will find rotom

What new Pokemon are on platinum version?

There are no new ones, just new formes for Giratina, Shaymin and Rotom.

Pokemon Platinum which Pokemon is number 152?