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Anville town is for maniacs that are after things like big / small mushrooms, while Undella town (in the villa), is the collector for ancient items.

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Q: Where is the maniac in Pokemon Black and White?
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What pokemon's can you evolve with a heart scale?

Heart Scale does not evolve any Pokemon. You trade it to a maniac who will make Pokemon remember moves. In black and white, the maniac is in Mistralton city.

Was Maniac Magee black or white?

yes he is

Where is the maniac in pokemon black?

the maniac is on route 17 you have to beat main story to get there though. hope this helps! =)

Where is black city in Pokemon White?

Same place as white forest in Pokemon black... nowhere. Pokemon black has black city, Pokemon white has white forest.

Where is the white forest in Pokemon Black and white version?

Nowhere. you can find the Black city in pokemon black and White forest in pokemon white. YOu can't got to the white forest in pokemon black

What is better Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black by far. but if you have a choice between Pokemon black or Pokemon white get white. you can get more Pokemon in white than black , plus there is white forest and you can get rare Pokemon there i think

Does Pokemon White you find Zekrom and black you find the white Pokemon?

Yes. You find zekrom in Pokemon white and the white Pokemon in Pokemon black.

Which Pokemon game has black city in it?

Pokemon Black has Black city. Pokemon White has White forest

Can you get both lengdary Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?

no. you can get the white one in black and the black one in white.

Is dewott in Pokemon Black or white?

Yes, the Pokemon Dewott is in Pokemon Black and White.

Is Zekrom on Pokemon black or Pokemon White version?

Pokemon white reshiram is on black

Who are the mascots of Pokemon Black and White?

Zekrom (Pokemon White) and Reshiram (Pokemon Black).