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Nowhere. you can find the Black city in Pokemon Black and White forest in pokemon white. YOu can't got to the white forest in pokemon black

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Q: Where is the white forest in Pokemon Black and white version?
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How do you get ralts Pokemon white?

It is in White Forest when Lena is the resident of the forest. If not you'll need to use the Entralink to connect with Pokemon Black and visit that version's Black City.

How do you get porgegon in pokemon white?

It is in White Forest when Herman is the resident, if not, use the Entralink to Pokemon Black version and go to Black City to get to that resident.

Where is black city in Pokemon White?

Same place as white forest in Pokemon black... nowhere. Pokemon black has black city, Pokemon white has white forest.

Where can you catch a Togepi in Pokemon White?

You can only catch it in White Forest. If you have black version, I cant tell you that.

How do you get a bagon in Pokemon White?

Found in the White Forest when Grace is a resident of the forest. You must use the Entralink to connect with Pokemon Black and visit that version's Black City to find this resident if this resident is not initially available. Pokemon White only.

Is black Pokemon version harder than the black version or the white version is harder than the black version?

pokemon white is hareder than pokemon black

Where to find white forest in pokemon black?

White forest is only in pokemon white.

How do you find lost forest in white?

it's not lost's actually white forest in Pokemon white and black city in Pokemon black.

Which Pokemon game has black city in it?

Pokemon Black has Black city. Pokemon White has White forest

What is the difference between white and black Pokemon version?

Pokemon black has exclusive Pokemon and an exclusive location called black city where you can battle trainers with high leveled Pokemon and you can catch reshiram, while for white version it has more exclusive Pokemon, a exclusive area called white forest where you can catch lower leveled Pokemon of the trainer's Pokemon and you can catch zekrom.

Where can you find a Sharpedo in Pokemon white version?

You can find it on black city or white forest,i caught a carvanah and a sharpedo,they even have gyrodose!

Where can you find a houndour in Pokemon White version?

in white forest