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Yes. You find zekrom in Pokemon white and the white Pokemon in Pokemon black.

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Q: Does Pokemon White you find Zekrom and black you find the white Pokemon?
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Where is Zekrom in Pokemon Black?

Zekrom is NOT in Pokemon Black. You have to trade it from Pokemon White.

Who are the mascots of Pokemon Black and White?

Zekrom (Pokemon White) and Reshiram (Pokemon Black).

Is Zekrom on Pokemon black or Pokemon White version?

Pokemon white reshiram is on black

Can you get Zekrom and Reshiram in Pokemon White verison?

No you can't. You can catch zekrom in Pokemon white and reshiram in Pokemon black.

What legendary Pokemon can you get in Pokemon White?

on black you get Reshiram, on white you get Zekrom Zekrom-good Rashiram-bad

How can you get Zekrom in Pokemon Black?

Zekrom can't be caught in Pokemon Black, you have to trade it from Pokemon White.

Is Zectron in Pokemon black or Pokemon White?

Zekrom (the black dragon) is found in Pokemon White.

Is Reshiram or Zekrom the light or dark?

Do You mean pokemon black and white, well in pokemon black there is reshiram and in pokemon white there is zekrom confusing but tht's how it is

How do you catch zekrom in Pokemon Black?

You don't Zekrom is caught on Pokemon White.

Do you get Zekrom in black or white?

you get zekrom in Pokemon white version and resheriham in Pokemon black.(in my oppinion, it should be the other way around, zekrom in Pokemon black, and resheriham in Pokemon white version) IT IS JUST LIKE PUTTING DIALGA IN POKEMON PEARL AND PALKIA IN POKEMON DIAMOND.

Is Zekrom in white version?

zekrom is the main Pokemon of white version and rashiram is to the black version.

Can you get reshiram in pokemon white after you get zeckrom?

No. You have to trade Reshiram from Pokemon Black and Zekrom from Pokemon White.