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(Going across from Easy Steet)

1 - turn right at the start of the 8-lane freeway.

2 - after the 3rd arrow sign in the road before the big freeway. (on the left)

3 - at the start near the truck. go right and ahead then turn left.

4 - where the secret way behind the arrow in the long road up a yellow ramp.

5X 6X 7 - at the museum thing behind it (Where up to Neighbourhood brawl)

8X 9 - (Going across from bite the dust) After the double tunnel under water tower on the right.

10 - Under the grey ramp with coins on it.

11 - in front of the yellow ramp with coins on it (about 2/3 through).

12 - the next building from before with a water tower.

13 - The short cut way between the buildings with the bins.

14 - Up on the cliff behind a bush someone in the middle.

15 X 16 X 17 - (Across from the red rally track) The turn that goes right before the ramp with bugged coins.

18 - right of the building before the ramp with bugged coins.

19 - behind the 2nd building.

20 - the 3rd part that is the same as the other 2, behind the 3rd building of it.

21 - behind some boxes before a rock bridge in mount doom.

22 - behind a building after the spot where the last hidden package was.

23 X 24 X

25 - (Across from the first jungle track) Behind the building on the turnoff before the beach.

26 - Behind 2 arrows in the jungle after the beach. (Check behind all)

27 X 28 X 29 Behind 2 arrows again somewhere in the jungle.

30 - at the rocky S shap between the containers up above the tiny arrows.

31 - Behind a building after the big hill at the start.

32 - near the rock arch at the start.

Boss Battle Red - behind some buildings at the secret way past the 3rd arrow on the right.

Boss Battle Yellow - Left behind buildings after the 2nd tunnel.

Boss Battle Blue - Wher it is the 2nd backwars 'Y' shape part and go down the straight rock backwars.

Boss Battle Green - behind a building on the right at the beach part.

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Q: Where is the hidden package in burnin rubber 4?
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Where is the ticket in burnin rubber 4?

There more than one ticket in Burnin' rubber 4. They are also hidden (e.g Behind a house/building) in every world. , Klmjetwork .

Is there an update for burnin' rubber 4?

Yes. Burnin' Rubber 4 Game of the Year Edition.

Where is the hidden package in desolation rampage burnin rubber 3?

Watch TRACTOR969 who plays burnin' rubber 3 and burnin' rubber 4. Find tickets on burnin rubber 4. Burnin' rubber 3 win levels like challenges a content there are 5 some of the people got there and won the tank and they gave $150,000 dollars try getting over there the why don't you play burnin' rubber 2 there are 6 cars try getting the last car inferno 66 you have to find all 15 hidden packages you can practice the tank in burnin' rubber 3 if you got it.If you got the tank it will appear in burnin' rubber 4 as well good luck ( i'm seven years old i don't know why i written this long sentence all about them but TRACTOR969 dosen't have a burnin' rubber 2 so you have to find all the hidden packages by yourself but burnin' rubber dosen't have hidden packages hoorayyyyyy!) goodbye and Merry Christmas! im having fun already why don't you join in this is an 11 long sentence it is longer than anyone's (i think.) you can meet me next time.

What do hidden packages look like in burnin rubber 4?

they are cirlular with an icon of a box with a question mark inside box

Will there be a burnin' rubber 4?


How do you get the robot in Burnin' Rubber 4?

to get the robot in Burnin' Rubber 4, you have to complete all the tickets and defeat the final boss to get the robot

How do we get a tank in Burnin' Rubber 4?

To get a tank, you must finish Burnin' Rubber 3. (I ask question but I answer it myself :D )

Where are the tickets for burnin rubber 4?

some where

Where is rush hour ticket in burnin rubber 4?


Where are the tickets in burnin rubber 4?

you find it yourself

Where are the tickets for burning rubber 4?

They are all around the map in the game "Burnin' Rubber 4"

How do you get a rally 7 in burnin rubber 4?

winning a contest