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The 8th gym is in Sunyshore, but you will be unable to go there until after you beat Cyrus on Mt. Coronet.

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Q: Where is the eighth badge in Pokemon diamond?
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What is the eighth badge on Pokemon Diamond called?

The 8th Badge in Pokemon Diamond is called The Beacon Badge.

Pokemon diamond how to get the eighth badge?

beat the #?*@! gym leader

In Pokemon diamond what do you do after you get your eighth gym badge?

beat the league

Where is the the eighth badge on Pokemon Diamond?

Wher there used to be a power failure

How do you obtain the eighth gym badge in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

By beating the gym leader

What do you do after you've gotten the seventh badge in Pokemon diamond?

I'm pretty sure that's when you have to go to the mountains and battle dialga. Then get the eighth badge.

How to get the eighth badge in Pokemon White?

earn it.

Where is the eighth badge in Pokemon Emerald?

the ground gym

How do you get eighth badge in Pokemon emerald?

Beat the gym leader

How do you get to the eighth badge on Pokemon pearl?

== == You get the 8th gym badge in Sunyshore City. Hope this helps

How do you geta gm badge on Pokemon diamond?

== == == ==

How do you get eight gym badge in Pokemon platinum?

you must beat the eighth gym leader and he will give you the badge.