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the seventh gym badge snowpoint gym

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2011-06-30 10:45:27
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Q: What badge to you have to obtain after you get hm 8 in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you obtain the HM Cut in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

get the second gym badge grass type

What you need to use Hm strength in Pokemon diamond?

The mine Badge.

Where do you find Hm waterfall in Pokemon diamond?

the girl at the very end of sunnyshore, she will give you the HM when you get the final gym badge

How To Get Waterfall In Pokemon Emerald?

You need the 8th gym badge. You obtain the HM itself in the Cave of Origin.

What does the coal badge do in Pokemon diamond?

First of all, badges get you into the Pokemon league. The coal badge in paticular, lets you use HM rock smash outside of battle.

What badge does what in Pokemon platinum?

coal badge- rock -lets you use HMcut outside of battle-Forrest badge- grass- HMcut- traded Pokemon under lvl30 will obaycobble badge-fighting-HM fly-fen badge-water-HM defog-lvl 50relic badge-ghost-HM surfmine badge-steel-HM strength-lvl70icicle badge-ice-HM rock climbbeacon badge-electric-HM waterfall-all Pokemon obay

How do you find the move waterfall in Pokemon diamond?

you will get it from the girl at the 8th badge gym she will give you the hm 07 waterfall

Where is the sixth gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

First you have to have the HM move Surf then use that to go there! in Canavalve City!

What was the new HM from your gym badge from canalave city in Pokemon diamond?

Strength, which let's you move boulders around

How do you get hm dive on Pokemon Diamond?

The HM dive cannot be acquired in Pokemon diamond.

Where is the 5 badge on Pokemon Diamond?

If u got Pokemon diamond version get the instruction booklet and go to page 34 it will tell u bout the gyms and badges. u get 5th badge in Canalave City Gym Byron Mine badge. Allows u to use hm strength , outside of battle you can unlock canalave city when obtained the hm surf.

Do you have to have a badge to use hm fly Pokemon ruby?

yes every hm does

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