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In Diamond, Badge 5 can be gotten by defeating Fantina in her Gym in Hearthome City.

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Q: Where is badge 5 on Pokemon Diamond?
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What is the eighth badge on Pokemon Diamond called?

The 8th Badge in Pokemon Diamond is called The Beacon Badge.

Ho do you get the 5 badge in Pokemon diamond?

Beat Fantina in Hearthome City.

Where is relic badge in Pokemon Diamond?

The Relic Badge is given to you by Gym Leader Fantina of Hearthome City (Gym #5).

How do you get the 5 badge in Pokemon Diamond?

beat the 1st 4 gym leaders and get to the next city

How do you geta gm badge on Pokemon diamond?

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How do you get the fifth badge in Pokemon Diamond?

hearthome city

Where is the fifth gym badge in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get fifth badge Pokemon diamond?

Hearthome City.

What are the badge awards for Pokemon diamond?

The lose of dignaty you had

What badge to you have to obtain after you get hm 8 in Pokemon diamond?

the seventh gym badge snowpoint gym

How do you get the secondgym badge in Pokemon diamond?

you beat everyone in the gym

How do you get badge number 3 in Pokemon diamond?

In Veilstone city.