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the Earth Day party's on the 21 of April and on the same day rock hopper will come the famuse penguin and the Easter egg hunt thanks

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Q: Where is the earth day party at club penguin?
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When is the earth day party in club penguin?

eart day party starts on April 21

When is the Easter party for Club Penguin?

NOW! April 21 until ?? is the Earth Day Party.

Where do you download penguin earth?

You don't download it. There was an Earth Day Party on Club Penguin, but that was accessed via the online website.

What is earth day on Club Penguin?

earth day on club penguin is when penguins help the earth and go on a scaveture hunt to get in the secret room that only appears on earth day

When is the club penguin fifth aniversery party going to be?

The 5th anniversery party is on October 24th, the day Club Penguin was launched.

When is earth day on Club Penguin?


Is there an April Fools' Day on Club Penguin?

Yes, there is an April Fool's party on Club Penguin on March 25th.

When is it water day on club penguin?

There is no "Water Day", but there is an "Earth Day!"

How do you get a green hard hat on club penguin?

it was an item in the penguin style catalog when the club penguin earth day party 2010 was on. if you dance while wearing the green hard hat and nothing else you will drill trees into the groung

When is the first year of Club Penguin?

On October 24th 2005 Club Penguin came out and Club Penguin celebrated with a party it was the beta party, only a few people were on Club Penguin that day, I'm sorry I explained it too much and a lot of people know about it now.

How do you get early stuff on Club Penguin?

u go on club penguin the day b4 at 9:05PM and then if theres a party or whatever ittle show the day b4

How do you get leprocorn hat on Club Penguin?

You have to go to the Saint partricks day party