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When you're on the main menu of Club Penguin game day, click 'Options' and then 'Delete Penguin'. Select your penguin and simply delete it from club penguin game day.

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Q: How do you deleat a club penguin game day account?
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A Club Penguin account?

Club penguin is a online virtual game for children. You need an account to play it. An account is practically the information of you and your penguin.

Can you upload clothing items from Club Penguin game day to your club penguin account?


How do you connect your club penguin account to club penguin game day?

u can't rally

How do you transfer coins from the EPF game onto your club penguin account?

I don't think it is possible to transfer coins from the EPF game to your account in Club Penguin.

What is a club penguin member account?

A club penguin account is a virtual game where you are a penguin and explore areas. You can meet with new people or find your old friends.

Does Selena Gomez play Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is an interactive game by Disney Interactive. It is unknown if Selena Gomez has a Club Penguin account.

How do you use a dgamer that is for club penguin the ds game?

U need to make an account on dgamer and sign in on the club penguin ds game

How you get to be a penguin elite force penguin?

You must own an Elite Penguin Force DS game,login to it with your account and upload at least one coin.If you have a friend with the game,try getting them to login and upload at least a coin to your account.:D

How do you get your stamps on game day to your clyub penguin account without wi fi?

Its not possible. Your Wii has to be connected to your wi-fi to upload your club penguin game day stamps to club penguin.

What is a fun game where you have an account Club Penguin or Poptropica?

Poptropica is a stand-alone site linked to Club Penguin and Funbrain. Club Penguin has access to many other different games.

What is the code for the pom pom on club penguin?

There is no code for any pom-poms on club penguin. You have to buy it from the catalog, unlock it in the treasure book, or send to your online account from your club penguin game day.

Can you upload items from your Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force to your Club Penguin account?

No, unfortunately, the game can only transfer coins to your online penguin account which requires wi-fi set up which is pretty hard to do.You can do linkeys but it is slow.