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There is no free code for the cheer leading outfit on club penguin. You unlock it buy purchasing the code or a toy with the outfit or you buy Club Penguin game day, purchase the item from there, and send it to your online account.

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Q: What is the code for the cheerleading outfit on club penguin?
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What is a club penguin code that will unlock a cheerleading outfit?

A code is 654906

What is the code on club penguin for the mermaid outfit 2013?


How do you unlock the Kings Outfit on club penguin?

First, buy a club penguin seires 11 toy. Then, enter the code. Last, wear the king outfit.

What is the code for the Hawkeye outfit for Club Penguin?

You must buy the code, it is different for each person.

Is there a ice skating outfit cheat code on club penguin?

No, but they may have it later on.

What is the code for the blue cheer leading outfit on club penguin?

It can't be unlocked with a code, it has to be sent from club penguin game day or purchased from the snow and sports catalog (members only) when it is there.

Where to get the mermaid outfit on Club Penguin?

in the gift shop but if you cant get it it comes after a bit ( but you can get it by code like 2 of my puffles and a part of the gamma gal outfit)

What is the code for the mermaid outfit in club penguin treasure book 2012?

stop looking for it i dint find it ether

How do you get the rad scientist outfit on club penguin?

It was in a catalog a while back, but you can get it with a code from the Rad Scientist plush toy. I wanted The outfit aswell that is why I bought the toy.

How do you get a hat with wings on it in Club Penguin?

this works with almost any clothes! go to the store buy any club penguin toy then find the code and type it in club penguin then a treasure book should come up pick whatever you like. but be careful only one outfit per code only one code per toy!