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There is no code

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Q: What is the code to get the red sunglasses in club penguin?
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On club penguin what is the code for the red sunglasses?


How does rookie on club penguin look like?

Rookie is a green penguin who wears a red and white pinwheel hat and sunglasses.

What Is The Red Jacket Code On Club Penguin?


What is the code for red glasses on club penguin?


What is the code for red light up shoes on club penguin?

the code is - G7H9HH90NS

Does Club Penguin celebrates valentine's day?

Yes.Every year club penguin celebrates valentine's day.The free items are red sunglasses,blue sunglasses,and a bowtie. My username in club penguin is Freaky128.Be sure to go online everyday on club penguin.I always go to server deep snow.Go to town and talk to me because I'm always at town.

What is the red propeller hat code in club penguin 2012?


How do you get the black sunglasses on club penguin?

solve the last mission after solving all missions. You will get a gift click on the red button then on glasses

Who is Club Penguin famous pirate red penguin penguin in Club Penguin?


What is the oldest puffle color in club penguin?

red because rockhopper introduced the puffles to club penguin and his was red

What is the colour code on club penguin?

it changes every time so there is no real way of completing it

Where do you get the red parted boy hair in Club Penguin?

Its now a code if you buy stuff at shops about club penguin for example a puffle you get special codes which r great!! so if u like a code ill give u one gets u 500 coins thank me later:) i am simone73 on club penguin!! CODE IS: DECNLR10 ROCK ON MY FANS