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there is not a code for Club Penguin is a member only item.that helps you enjoy in your journey.

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Q: What is the code for club penguin lightsaber?
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What is a club penguin gift card code?

A Club Penguin gift code is a code that grants you access to the Club Penguin website. The codes will establish a membership for Club Penguin activities.

A Club Penguin item code?

It's a code you get from toys and such. Club Penguin toys.

What is a club penguin code someone please tell you?

It Is The Club Penguin Book Code?

What Club Penguin toy codes are there?

There are a lot of club penguin codes, you have to buy a club penguin doll, get its code from its tag, type it in in club penguin, and you will get the treasure book. give us a club penguin toy code!!!!!

Whats code to be a ninja on Club Penguin?

it is: ninja there is no code to becoming a ninja on Club Penguin.

What are some club penguin codes that are rare?

code for club penguin rare codes hah! i got a beyblade in club penguin the code is hw10cg132

What coin code on Club Penguin gets you a Club Penguin?


How do you get a light saber in club penguin 2015?

You can't get a lightsaber. The lightsabers are member only items. You won them when you participated in lightsaber duels during the Star Wars Events.

How do you get a code on Club Penguin?

You buy (in real life) Club Penguin toys and there will be a code to unlock items!

What is the code for coins on club penguin?

You may only get the code if you buy a club penguin toy.

What is club penguin elite penguin forces code?

You get a diferant code

Where do you get a blue book in Club Penguin?

You get the code from any club penguin book.