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The beta test hat, it was released the day Penguin Chat was changed into Club Penguin by Disney....... But Club Penguin is way better!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What is the oldest item in Club Penguin?
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How old is the oldest penguin and how old is it on Club Penguin?

Billybob is the Oldest Club Penguin Alive, But I'm Not sure about his age on Club penguin, u will have to look it up Hope This Helps!

Where in the last item in the water hunt in club penguin?

Where IS the last item in the water hunt in Club Penguin?In the water.

What item is hidden Club Penguin?

That item that is hidden on club penguin is the viking helmet. It is always hidden every month.

Who is the oldest penguin on Club Penguin?

probably the betas like timpenguin and cuteness 93 That is true, but the real first penguin was Rsnail (rocketsnail). He was the creator of what we call "old Club Penguin". Old Club Penguin... her name is misscutee she happens to be 6 years old on club penguin One of the oldest penguin and is still active on Club Penguin is Sprint123. He is 2739 days old (10/18/2013).

A Club Penguin item code?

It's a code you get from toys and such. Club Penguin toys.

What is the oldest place in Club Penguin?

The mine

Who is the oldest penguin in Club Penguin?

The first ever account created on Club Penguin was made by Rocketsnail. The username was Nickname1. The next oldest are Nickname2, Nickname3, and Nickname4. The creators (Rsnail, Billybob, etc.) have some of the oldest accounts, along with other beta testers. The oldest penguins joined in 2005, when Club Penguin was first created.

How do you get the laptop item on club penguin?

@ the store

What is the oldest pin on club penguin?


What is the oldest puffle color in club penguin?

red because rockhopper introduced the puffles to club penguin and his was red

Where is the oldest puffle on Club Penguin?

It is the green puffle on the speaker in the night club

Where is the second last item for the recycle hunt on club penguin?

The second last item for the recycle hunt on club penguin is in the Ski village.It is in a shape of a pizza.