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No you cannot but you can buy an item

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Q: Can you send a gift to someone on club penguin?
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How do you send a gift to someone on club penguin?

you can't

Can someone send you a club penguin code?


How do you get upgraded from the PSA to EPF in club penguin?

get someone to send you a postcard.

How do you be a spy on Club Penguin?

Someone who is an agent has to send you a postcard about becoming an agent

What does report mean on Club Penguin?

it means that you send a report of a bad penguin to a moderator (someone who chooses if that penguin should be banned or not).

How do members send items to non members on club penguin?

In Club Penguin you are unable to send another penguin items. Sorry. ~SoccerPunck/i7

How do you send people on club penguin clothes?

For all that I know there is no way to send cloths to your friends in club penguin even though that would be a good idea... someone should create that, but you know club penguin... fun. but glitches and stuff...

What is a Club Penguin poem?

It is a poem that you can send into the club penguin times and it has to be about club penguin. one or two are chosen every week and you can subsmitt your own at the back of club penguin times!

How do you unband your self from Club Penguin?

Send A Message To Club Penguin Then Say Hello,Club Penguin My Penguin Has Been Banned For A Misunderstanding Please Unbann Him/Her Bye!

Can someone tell me a code for Card Jitsu in Club Penguin and send it to so it wont be used?


How do you send a message in club panguan?

U can't send messages in club penguin but u can send postcards.

How do you send items on club penguin?

you can't.