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A Thanksgiving party is one of the few holidays Club Penguin does not celebrate because not all people celebrate it. It is an American holiday celebrating the day when native Americans and regular Americans had peace. Club Penguin has Spanish, Portuguese, and Deutsche servers as well as English servers. They have the April Fools day party just for fun and for penguins to goof around.

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Q: Does Club Penguin have a Thanksgiving party?
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How does the club penguin Thanksgiving party look like?

there is no thanksgiving party on club penguin everyone knows that

What is the next event or party on club penguin?

It might be Christmas! Or Thanksgiving

Is there an old party place on Club Penguin?

No, there is no old party place on club penguin

Where is the Halloween party in club penguin for 2010 for the stamp?

A Party is everywhere on club penguin.

Where do you get the party hat on Club Penguin?

you get the party hats on the club penguin anivirsry, on the 24th of october!I hope I helped you

Is the pool party now in club penguin in 2010?

Yes the pool party is now in Club Penguin.

What is the next party for club penguin?

The next party of club penguin after the Puffle Party 2013 is the Marvel Superhero takeover 2013.

Where is the Christmas party on Club Penguin?

All over Club Penguin! Like the Halloween Party! Pengyuinator Writing.

Club Penguin How do you get the papert hats?

It is a club penguin party and it was a one of party so you can't get any more

On Club Penguin where do you find the party hat?

find it in the aniversrey of club penguin

How do you post a party on Club Penguin?

you can't but the Club penguin Team dose

How do you get a beta hat on Club Penguin?

When Club Penguin was made they had a beta party to celebrate the opening of Club Penguin. Like party hats at anniversaries you can only get them once so you could only get then if you were around when Club Penguin started.