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give shelgon exp share and keep battleing the elite four.

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Q: Where is the best place to train a shelgon level 42 in emerald?
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How do you evolve a shelgon?

you train it to level 50 then it evolves into salamence in ruby, sapphire, and emerald hope this helps

Where are the best 3 places to train a level 39 shelgon besides exp share and the elite 4?

The best place to train a shelgon is mt prye

Where is shelgon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Train a Bagon to level 36 to get a shelgon.

Where is the best 3 places to train a level 37 shelgon in Pokemon emerald?

put exp. share on it & defaet the elite four

How do you evolve bafon in emerald?

to evolve your bagon to a shelgon you must train it to lv.30. to evolve a shelgon to slamence train it to lv.55. hope i helped. antony

Where can you catch shelgon on Pokemon Sapphire?

Nowhere you must train a Bagon to level 30 to get Shelgon.

How do you get salamence in pokemon emerald?

Salamence is the late evolved form of Bagon in order to obtain a Salamence you must train a Bagon up to level 30 where it will become a Shelgon then when it's level 50 it will become Salamence.

How do you get a salamance in Pokemon indigo?

Train a Shelgon to level 50.

At what level does bagon evolve?

bagon evolves to shelgon at level 30. shelgon evolves at level 50 to salamence.

Where is a good place to train a level 60 Crobat on Pokemon Emerald?


How do you evolve Shelgon to Salamence in Perl version?

Level 50 or Level 55, it takes ages to train.

How do you get salamance in Pokemon platinum?

First, you have to get a bagon ( can be obtained on route 210 with the poke radar ) .Then, you train it to level 30 and it will evolve into shelgon. Finally, raise shelgon to a level 50 and he will evolve into salamence. Hope this helps!!:) I'll be answering more questions!!! Look for my name.