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Did you check under your hairless ballsack? LOL NERD!

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Q: Where is the battle tower in crystal?
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Do Pokemon get exp points in battle tower of Pokemon Crystal?


When you can battle Suicune in crystal?

When you get Clear Bell, go to Ecruteak town and to Tin Tower.

Is there a battle tower in Pokemon Yellow?

There Is a battle tower in firered. To get there make sure you have access to all the Sevill islands. Take the ferry to Seven Island and head north. surf up and you will find the battle tower. good luck

Pokemon Crystal Suicune?

You will need to get the Clear Bell from the Goldenrod Radio Tower director, then take it to Tin Tower in Ecruteak City. Suicune will appear in Tin Tower. Thankfully, it won't run from you during a battle.

How do you get into tin tower in Pokemon Crystal?

Get the clear bell as a gift from the Radio Tower Director (from Goldenrod) after defeating Team Rocket. Go to the Tin Tower entrance and you will later face three sages that you must battle. You meet Suicune once you enter the tower.

How do you win in the battle tower Crystal?

try using moves like dragon rage with the red pokemon in lake of range or sonicboom with magmerite

What happens after the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

you cannot ever beat the battle tower. but if you have completed the sinnoh pokedex then the battle tower will help you complete it. you can battle at the battle tower as long as you want.

Where is the battle tower in Pokemon Gold?

Mo battle tower

Where can you fight tycoon palmer in the battle tower?

after you get contunious battle wins at the battle tower

How do you beat the battle tower in diamond?

you cant beat the battle tower

What to do in the battle tower in Pokemon diamond for ds?

after you battle 7 trainers in the battle tower you will get 3bp

What city is the battle tower in in HeartGold?

The Battle Tower is in the Battle Frontier, which is north of Route 40.