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you cant beat the battle tower

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2010-07-06 15:55:05
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Q: How do you beat the battle tower in diamond?
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Pokemon diamond how to get bp?

to get bp (battle points) you have to beat people in the battle tower.

Do you have to beat 100 trainers in Pokemon diamond at the battle tower?

Yes you do.

What happens after the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

you cannot ever beat the battle tower. but if you have completed the sinnoh pokedex then the battle tower will help you complete it. you can battle at the battle tower as long as you want.

Where you met your friend after battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

after you beat your rival at battle tower he will reappear every so often

Where is battle tower at in Pokemon Diamond?

At the fight area (after you beat the Pokemon league)

How do you defeat the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

your most beat 21 trainers

Where is the battle tower in diamond version?

After you beat the elite four then there are three new places you are allowed to go to. The battle tower is located in the fight area

How do you get to resort area Pokemon diamond and beat battle tower?

you must defeat the E4 and champion to get to resort area u surf east of the survival area to beat the battle tower, do 100 straight wins and beat battle tycoon

Where is the battle tower in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

It is in the Battle Zone, which you can reach by sailing from Snowpoint once you beat the Elite Four.

How do you get the ticket from the the strange guy to go to the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

all you have to do is beat elite four

Where do you go to battle the Tower Typhoon on Pokemon Diamond?

the battle tower.

How do you beat the battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

you have to use three Pokemon in Single Battle two in Multi Battle four in Double Battle three in Wi-Fi Battle

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