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you cant beat the battle tower

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Q: How do you beat the battle tower in diamond?
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Pokemon diamond how to get bp?

to get bp (battle points) you have to beat people in the battle tower.

What happens after the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

you cannot ever beat the battle tower. but if you have completed the sinnoh pokedex then the battle tower will help you complete it. you can battle at the battle tower as long as you want.

Where you met your friend after battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

after you beat your rival at battle tower he will reappear every so often

Where is battle tower at in Pokemon Diamond?

At the fight area (after you beat the Pokemon league)

Where is the battle tower in diamond version?

After you beat the elite four then there are three new places you are allowed to go to. The battle tower is located in the fight area

How do you get the ticket from the the strange guy to go to the battle tower on Pokemon diamond?

all you have to do is beat elite four

How do you beat the battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

you have to use three Pokemon in Single Battle two in Multi Battle four in Double Battle three in Wi-Fi Battle

What to do in the battle tower in Pokemon diamond for ds?

after you battle 7 trainers in the battle tower you will get 3bp

How do you beat battle tower in Pokemon Diamond?

Battle 21 trainers without losing in a row and then you will face Palmer the frontier brain if you beat him you will get a silver print and if you beat him again you get a coloured print these are found on the vs recorder

Do you have to complete the battle tower on diamond to unlock the rest of the island?

NO. To unlock the rest of the island, you must complete the whole Sinnoh Pokedex and beat 7 trainers at battle tower on Double Battle mode. - The Man In The Trees (The Pokemon Expert)

What do you do at the fighting area to advance to other places in Pokemon diamond?

Well try to beat the battle tower cause its not like emerald its like ruby and Sapphire but when platinum comes its like emerald so beat the battle tower and ur done with the whole game.

Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Only the Battle Tower.