Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

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There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Only the Battle Tower.

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2017-01-27 00:39:33
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Q: Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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What is the location of the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is only present in Pokemon Emerald for the GBA game series.

Did the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl show ended and got canceled?

The show didn't get canceled. It switched to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Frontier. And it works every Saturday morning at 9am.

How do you get to the battle frontier in pearl?

There is no battle frontier in Pokemon Pearl. Sorry, you'll have to buy platinum for that one bud

Where is the battle frointier in Pokemon Pearl?

there is no battle frontier in Pokemon pearl,but there is a battle tower. you can go there after you beat the elite 4

Where can you get TM Toxic in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can get TM06 Toxic from the following Battle Frontier locations (North of Route 40) in PoKéMoN...Diamond & Pearl - Battle Tower PrizePlatinum - Battle Frontier ShopHeartGold & SoulSilver - Battle Frontier Shop for 32 B.P.

Do you need to complete the battle frontier to finish the sioonoh pokedex of?

NO you just have to get all the sinnoh Pokemon if its diamond or pearl but in platinum there is more...............

In Pokemon pearl's battle frontier is palmer the only frontier brain you can vs?


Can you transfer Pokemon from battle revolution to Pokemon Ranch?

Pokemon must first be transfered to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, then transferred from Diamond/Pearl to My Pokemon Ranch

Can you battle between Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Black?

No, you cannot. You can battle, Pearl against Diamond or Black against White.

Is heart gold compatible to play with soul silver?

yes its also the same for platinum diamond and pearl, but diamond and pearl do not have a battle frontier

What is the next Pokemon cartoon after diamond and pearl?

Pokemon battle dimension

Do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revoltion?

no but you can migrate from diamond and pearl.

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