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You need to have Pokemon battle revoloution for wii and do mystery gift. What are they for?

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Q: How do you get the wonder Card in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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If you delete a wonder card will the Pokemon itself be also deleted in Diamond-Pearl?


Can Pokemon Diamond and Pearl wonder card events be used in Pokemon platinum?

No I don't think so.

When you share a Wonder Card in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl or Platinum does the person you shared with get the Pokemon on the card?

Ha ha! No, not exactly. ^_^' They get the item needed to access that Pokemon labeled on the card., just like on your card.

If you delete a wonder card will you still have that item that came with the wonder card in Pokemon diamond?

yes, you will. Belive me i tried it!

Pokemon Pearl version where to get your wondercard in Pokemon Pearl?

the wonder card can only be obtained through a Nintendo event

What do I do after I answer the guy's questions to get a wonder card in Pokemon diamond?

go to the Pokemon league and get a job

How do you trade Pokemon from a diamond card to a pearl card in one DS?

you cant it is impossible

How do you delete a wonder card on Pokemon diamond?

look at the wonder cards in the mystery gift menu. select the card and go on "delete"

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

How do you get a spirtomb with wonder guard on Pokemon diamond?

Is one but you wont get it.Only for action replay card.

Where do you get a wonder card in Pokemon diamond without an event?

If you're not going to use an event you'd have to have an action replay or R4 DS card.

What is a wonder card for Pokemon pearl on Nintendo ds?

first u need Pokemon battle revelution for wii. buy a WONDER CARD on battle rev. and trans fer it to your ds. it will be a mystery gift. to get a m. card go to the television compony on pearl talk to a guy. answer everybody happy wi fi connection. i hope this helps!