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it wont do any good like you can only use it to get darkri in platinum or pearl

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Q: Why cant i use the members card in Pokemon diamond?
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Pokemon diamond where do you get the members card?

action replay or event

How do you trade Pokemon from a diamond card to a pearl card in one DS?

you cant it is impossible

Can you get the members card with Nintendo Wi-Fi in Pokemon Diamond?


Where to put codes in Pokemon diamond if you don't have a action replay card?

you cant

How do i capture Darkrai in Pokemon diamond?

get the members card and go into the house with the locked door

Is there a action replay code to get the members card in Pokemon diamond?

no you can only get it by mystery gft

How do you get the members card to go into the inn on Pokemon diamond?

You have to have either an action replay or an event.

How if you have the members card can you get in the inn on Pokemon platinum?

U cant go into the inn anymore

How do you get a members card in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl version?

first you must have 666666666666 darkrais than you can talk to the man in ##### and jubilife town than you get the members card

If you have a Pokemon card can you download that Pokemon card to your Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get members card?

you get it through Nintendo event or mystery gift on Pokemon pearl platinum or diamond

Is there a way you can get treco in Pokemon diamond?

without a GBA (gameboy advance) card in your ds and transfer treeco u cant get him/her