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yes, you will. Belive me i tried it!

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Q: If you delete a wonder card will you still have that item that came with the wonder card in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you delete a wonder card?

you go 2 mystery gift, then you select check card, hit the a button on the one u want 2 delete, and hit trash. P.S: if you delete your wonder card you will still have the pokemon/ item you got from it.

If you delete your Pokemon account do you still keep the mystery gifts?


If you import graveler from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon Diamond will it still evolve into golem?

No, you will need to trade it as soon as its on pokémon diamond

What if you already have seven gym badges can you still give the lonely grunt a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?


Were to find the Pokemon happiny Pokemon diamond?

i think a dude gives to you when it is still a little egg.

Can you Murder on Pokemon diamond?


Does copying Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond to Pokémon Battle Revolution get rid of them on Pokémon Diamond?

No, it does not, because I copied my Pokemon from my Pearl version and my Pokemon were still there when I played it.

I have a DSi and connect to WPA-2 and Pokemon diamond asks for a WEP can I still connect on Pokemon Diamond with WPA-2?

no i had to change mine back to a wep

Can your Pokemon have still have Poffins if it has reached its' max in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes.but the stats wont go up if you do.

Your Pokemon firered is broken will you still be able to get elekid at the valley windworks on Pokemon diamond and pearl?

Sorry, but you won't. The DS has to recognize the game and then put the information into Diamond/Pearl

After the dream part on Pokemon diamond can you still go to new moon island?


Can you still find water stones in the underground in Pokemon diamond even if you don't have?

yes you can