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there is no such thing on pokemon platinum solecon town is no such thing so if you are still wondering if it does exist you think wrong including pokemon games pearl,diamond and titanium does not exist

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Q: Where do you find Solecon Town in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where do i find a unown?

If your talking about Pokemon d/pthere at the solecon ruins

How do you find Solaceon town in Pokemon White?

Solaceon Town is in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, not Pokemon White.

How do you find a darkball in Pokemon platinum?

You can buy them in Solaceon Town.

Where do you find Cynthias granmother in Pokemon platinum?

celestic town

Where do you find the duck spray in Pokemon platinum?

foroma town

Where do you find defog on Pokemon platinum?

its in the tower by solaceon town

Where do you find defog in Pokemon platinum?

salaceon town ruins where you find the unown

Where can you find a duskull in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find them in solaceon town(though they are rare).

Where to find a sudowoodow in Pokemon platinum?

the route under sandgem town

Where do you find a Scyther in Pokemon platinum?

You find it north of solaceon town in the tall grass

Where do you find a Gardevoir in Pokemon platinum?

you need a ralts which you can find by floweroma town when you have a pokeradar

Where to find Whismur in Pokemon Platinum?

go to Sandgem town and talk to the girl that says which Pokemon is where