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The first gym in Pokemon diamond is in Oreburgh City

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Q: Where is the 1st gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?
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What all Pokémon's does the 1st gym leader in Pokemon diamond have?

Geodude, Cranidos.

How do you get the 1st badge on Pokemon diamond?

You beat the first gym leader, Roark in Oreburgh City.

What is the first Pokemon gym leader Candice use in Pokemon diamond?

Ok i don't get you The 1st gym leader is Roark. Candice is the 7th gym leader. Ummm, dude who answered... they mean what Pokemon does Candice use first. and the answer is Snover i guess

What Pokemon does the second Gym Leader have in Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokémon the second Gym Leader has in "Diamond" are Cherubi, Turtwig and Roserade.

Where is the 6th gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

The 6th gym leader is in Canalave City.

How do you get the 8th gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the gym leader

How do you get to the eight gym leader inside the gym Pokemon diamond?

He is in the lighthouse

Where is the gym leader of snowpoint city on Pokemon diamond?

It is Candace, The Ice-Type Gym Leader.

How do you find the sunnyshore gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the lighthouse and the Gym leader should be there.

Were do you find the gym leader that is not there in diamond Pokemon?

by winning a contest and by defeating the pastoria gym leader

How do you get to hearthome city gym leader on Pokemon diamond?

just beat the fourth gym leader

What gym leader teaches strength in Pokemon diamond?

a gym leader can't teach a Pokemon that move but you have to defeat the 6 gym leader in order to teach that move