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go into oreburgh mine and talk to gym leader

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Q: How do you find the first gym leader in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you find the sunyshore city gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

you need to cacth dialga first

Were do you find fossils in Pokemon diamond ds?

You can find them occasionally in the Underground by digging. You will get an explorers kit after you defeat the first Gym Leader.

Where can you find the fifth leader in Pokemon diamond?

You can find the fifth Gym Leader in Hearthome City. Her name is Fantina.

Were do you find the gym leader that is not there in diamond Pokemon?

by winning a contest and by defeating the pastoria gym leader

How do you find the sunnyshore gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the lighthouse and the Gym leader should be there.

Where do you find the first gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

Roark, a Rock-type specializing Gym Leader, can be found in Oreburgh City (just like in Diamond and Pearl).

Where do you find the HM rock climb in Pokemon diamond?

I think you get it from a gym leader

Where do you find Fantina on Pokemon Diamond?

She is the 5th, gym leader, you have to beat pastoria gym first the vielstone! then go back to harthome city and you can find her in her gym

How do you find a ralts in pokemon diamond?

in the grass in the last city the 8th gym leader

What do you do in sunshine city on Pokemon diamond?

easy if you want to challage the Pokemon leader you have to go to the light house and go to the top and find the gym leader then you challage the leader get the HM then you go to the Pokemon league

How do you find the last gym leader on Pokemon diamond?

He is at the lighthouse. Bring ground types and stuff because he is the electric leader!

What do you do if the Sunny Shore Gym Leader isn't there in Pokemon Diamond?

go to light house and find him