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on the north side of the town in Sandgem Town.

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Q: Where is prof rowan's lab in pokemon platinum?
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Where is prof rowans lab in Pokemon pearl?

Sandgem Town

What is the next destination after battling with the Snowpoint City gym leader in Pokemon Platinum?

I Don't know, but i have diamond, platinum gyms are the same so if you have surf go to canalave city. Note:it's west of prof. Rowans lab

Where does the profesor's assistant give you the upgrade for the pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

he gives it to you in prof. rowans lab. for this you have to complete sinnoh pokedex(excluding event pokemon).

How do you get national pokedex in pokemon platium?

all you have to do is see every Pokemon in the sinoh dex then you go to prof rowans lab and he will give you your national dex

What do you do after you catch Girintina?

Well you have to train it to at least lvl70 oh and go into prof rowans lab

Where do you find prof oak in pearl after meeting him at prof rowans lab?

you find him in eternea city near the bike road in a small house.

How do you get the national dex on Pokemon Diamond?

beat the elite 4 then go to rowans lab in sandegm town and prof oak will come and upgrade your sinnoh dex into a natonal dex

What is the Pokemon finder in Pokemon platinum because when you always do it it keeps the level but not the Pokemon?

You need to complete your Sinnoh pokedex before you get the poke finder, once you complete it go to professor Rowans lab and talk to him

Where are rowans assistants in Pokemon pearl?

in the lab on the way out there our these two people

Where can you get the national pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! get 1 at proffeser rowans lab in sangem town but u gotta fill up the sinnoh pokedex but i don't have 1

After you beat the Pokemon league on platinum what next?

after you beat the Pokemon league you need to finish the pokedex and thengo and see prof. rowan in his lab, prof oak, will then give you the national pokedex

How do you get the national pokedex in Pokemon platinux in Pokemon playinumx in Pokemon platinum?

See all 210 Pokemon Then Go to The Lab In Sandgem town and Speak To Prof. Rowan